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#1 2009
January 2008: Welcome

Welcome to a feature of the new website called "From Me To You". This will be a monthly column ("blog" if you like) where we will have a chance to talk about... well, anything! I'm very exited about this opportunity for us to "chat" from time to time. Here we'll be discussing music, books, films, art and artists of all kinds. We'll also have a chance to discuss travel and various special events about which you may be interested. This section is designed to be interactive, so please contact me via e-mail (, this website, or at, with your comments or anything else that may be on your mind. Be forewarned, it may end up here... As the subject for January '08, I'd simply like to explain some of what this new website,, will be offering. As always, the schedule for the year will be posted, and updated, continually. In addition, there will be a photo gallery with current and vintage images (if you have something you'd like to see on here, please forward it on to me...). Finally, I will be offering CD sales. This section is currently under construction as the details are being worked out to provide certain music to all of you. There has been a steady interest in recorded product for a long, long time. Thank you everyone for being so patient on this. I've got some music that I think you'll enjoy on it's way. It's coming very soon I promise, keep checking in... Lastly, this column, From Me To You, will be including topics of interest for me, and hopefully you as well. Please send me your input. Next month I'll be discussing some truly fine rock and roll biographies and films that you might want to check out. In closing, there are some sincere thanks that must be given here. Great appreciation is extended to my old friend Dave Harris for maintaining the former Jimmy O web-page for many years simply out of his kindness and generosity. I'm truly grateful Dave! And thanks also for the tireless efforts of my talented wife, Sue Overton, and her company Skyline Graphics, for her essential skills in graphic design and layout (especially with the website and the upcoming CD artwork). I certainly couldn't have done it without you! So until we meet again here, I'm glad we had his time together.
Jimmy O / Jan. 2008